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Peterman Armory, LLC

Welcome to the Armory. Douglas County, Oregon's standard & NFA firearms dealer. Click on our link below to see some of the firearms, ammunition and accessories we have to offer. If you do not see what your looking for, Contact us through our inquiry section below and we can you what you want at a price that beats the competitors. 

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About Peterman Armory LLC.

  Peterman Armory started as a hobby of the brothers Peterman that turned enterprise in 2017. The Armory is set up to offer a wide variety of firearms focusing on tactical firearms, including suppressors and short barrel rifles. The Armory offers both new and used firearms, and is willing to buy and sell weapons. In an effort to offer cost effective firearms and accessories, Peterman Armory has established relationships and partnered with other local businesses engaged in manufacture and customization of firearms so we can offer unique customization options. Do not hesitate to make an offer on any of our weapons through our inquiry system, and if your looking for something in particular just send us an inquiry as we will do our best to locate your desired firearm or accessory at a price that beats our competitors. Don't forget to ask about our customization options when you inquire.

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